We believe that for this firm to be successful, we must set out our philosophy of doing business as clearly as possible. These things above all else are important to us:

INTEGRITY: No other single attribute of a person or a of a business can have such an impact on success or failure. We deliver truth in every word and honesty in every action.

SERVICE: It is increasingly obvious that we live and work in a service centered economy. We are paid, not for our time, but for our service. We must provide the highest level of service available.

HARD WORK: No organization can grow and prosper unless each member of the team puts forth the maximum effort. We make every effort to do our best at all times.

PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE: We believe that in order to best serve our clients, it is our responsibility to  stay up on the trends, policies, guidelines, procedures, trainings, new technology, etc. Continuing education for our team is a top priority, as is how we handle our efforts and daily business operations.

COOPERATION: An organization can only achieve excellence when all members are working together for the common good. Helping one another whenever possible, going out of our way to cooperate with one another  in a collaborative spirit, will deliver the best possible service to our clients

LOYALTY: We place high value on loyalty to both our clients and to one another on our team.

ACCOUNTABILITY: If a mistake is made we stand accountable to make it right for our client. We know that our happy clients are our most valuable assets.

PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS AND ETHICS: The License Law and Rules as set forth by the Maine State Real Estate Commission and the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors are the guides for our daily business operations. Both are clear as to our obligations to our clients, customers, and fellow professionals.

This is the philosophy that we based our practices on in  1974 when the company opened its doors and these are still the guidelines for our business practices today. We know that it is both an honor and a privilege to serve and contribute to the communities that we live in.