Have you filed for Homestead Property Tax Exemption on your home?
The State of Maine has a Homestead Property Tax Exemption provision for residents of the State to receive a measure of property tax relief on their permanent, primary residence. The program stipulates that individuals own their home for at least twelve months as of April 1st, and that it is their permanent residence. The program provides a $10,000 exemption for towns with 100% assessment valuation. (This means a $10,000 reduction in the valuation of your home before the town’s tax rate is applied. In Brunswick where the assessment is 70%, we receive a $7,000 homestead tax exemption.)
If you are a new resident of the state, you must own your home for 12 months as of April 1st to qualify. If you have owned and lived in another home in Maine for that period of time, you may also qualify.
Completed applications must be filed with the town assessor by April 1.
I’ve attached the Application form and instructions ….for more information, visit the State of Maine website: http://www.state.me.us/revenue/propertytax/sidebar/exemptions.htm#sthash.bIK7V1Rf.dpufto receive
In most towns, once you have applied for and received the Homestead Exemption, it carries forward every year—no need to reapply. Check with your town assessor if you have a question.

I hope this is helpful information. Don’t miss out if you qualify!

Blog Credit: Annie Robinson