Want another dining option in Brunswick? I suggest you try the Tavern at the Inn at Brunswick Station!

I had the opportunity to have dinner there the second night it was open. Knowing that new restaurants usually have few quirks to work out in their first few weeks, I went in with patience and an open mind.

As I walked in with my 2 year old son, I first saw our good friend and past client Steve Kessler who is a wonderful wine distributor. Immediately I know the wine will be good! The next person I saw was Don Kniesley of Tedford Housing checking the place out. I then ran into Carolyn and David Koepke (also past clients) who were there for dinner in support of their daughter who is part of the new wait staff. It was so nice seeing so many familiar faces in this new exciting place!

My Husband and I sat down for dinner and were pleasantly greeted by our waitress and were given a lovely wine sample to make sure I liked it before I ordered! Of course one of Steve’s wine selections was my choice and a perfect compliment to dinner. My son Ben was a little cranky but our waitress was so great with him.

Just after we got our drinks, they brought out this little starter of smoked salmon and veggie rolls…compliments of the chef. They were a great start and an wonderful first impression! The Chef then came out and asked specifically what type of pasta my son Ben would want. I have never witnessed a chef customize an order for a two year old before!

Before dinner arrived a couple more familiar faces walked in. Bruce and Heather Davis came to enjoy a night out. It was nice to have a chance to catch up with them.

We received our dinners and enjoyed the first few bites when the Chef came out yet again to make sure that we were satisfied. I really enjoyed my Pasta with Lobster and Chroizo and he told me that the pasta gets all the flavor from his lobster stock. Yum! My husband had the (Sophisticated) chicken club which also very tasty. They also make their own great potato chips!

So from someone who is fully involved in a customer service industry, I would say that they have made a superior effort on their first impression! It is within walking distance of our office and of course down town. I will be back and bringing the rest of the office with me soon!