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The Islands

At the mouth of Doughty Cove, the Gurnet Bridge connects Great Island to the mainland and marks a border between Harpswell and Brunswick.

One is never far from the sea when on one of the Harpswell Islands. Marine services, docks, moorings and storage can be found here. Our Harpswell, Maine real estate listings are perfect for those looking for a maritime lifestyle.

Cundy’s Harbor, found at the end of a winding road, is a charming working fishing village… one of the oldest working waterfronts in Maine.

You will find breath-taking scenic ocean views at the end of several winding roads off of Route 24- Gunpoint and Long Point are two fine examples.

Orr’s Island is situated between Great Island and Bailey Island, joined by a bridge on either end. The road twists and turns, with steep inclines and sharp drops- allowing for amazing views on either side of the island. Small coves dot the shoreline along the Harpswell Sound side of the island. Several walking trails are maintained at the Bowdoin Coastal Studies Center.

One arrives at Bailey Island at the Cribstone Bridge (the only one of its kind in the world). As with the other islands and the neck of Harpswell the main road is intersected by smaller roads and driveways that lead to the water’s edge and resident homes. Just two miles long, Bailey Island is packed with references to life with the sea: Lobster boats, buoys, lobster traps, safe coves, and docks.

Community gathering spots include: Harpswell Community School, Great Island; Holbrook’s Wharf, Cundy’s Harbor; Orr’s Island Library, Orr’s Island; and Land’s End or Mackerel Cove, Bailey Island. Mountain Road connects Great Island to Harpswell Neck, and is where you will find the Town Offices for the 4700 residents. Favorite Trails include Cliff Trail and The Giant Stairs.


Harpswell Neck is a peninsula that runs from the border of Brunswick, near Bowdoin College down to its tip at Potts Point out in Casco Bay. Near the top of the peninsula, you will find a number of small farms and conservation lands, making this an ideal location for those looking to purchase land in Maine.

The historic town center is a small collection of buildings found next to Route 123 (Harpswell Neck Road) once you pass the intersection of Mountain Road and the only stop light in the community!

Jutting off Route 123 (Harpswell Neck Road) are numerous small roads and driveways meandering to the shoreline and residential homes. Farmland gives way to lobster boats, lobster traps, and colorful buoys.

Summertime is a colorful season with a number of events throughout the community.

Mitchell Field is a popular venue with summer and early autumn outdoor concerts at the recently built gazebo.

Small beach areas can be found here and there that are open to the public. Favorites include Stover’s and Potts Point, Cedar Beach, and The Beach at Mitchell Field.

Trails, bike-friendly roads, small art galleries, seafood at the dock, wonderful restaurants are just the thing for some.

The summer season can appear on the short side and one might have the need to take it all in quickly… However, there are others of us who love to find a comfy perch.

With a pair of binoculars as your best friend, spending a few hours, be they at dawn’s break, mid-day or in time for the sunset, the magnificence of the nature that surrounds you can be spellbinding. With waterfront homes for sale throughout Harpswell, the beautiful views make up for the short summers.

Osprey soaring overhead, deer peering out among the trees, ducks and other water birds at shore’s edge, songbirds darting here and there tending to their summer brood. Nature shares the space well with you when you sit and listen.

Oh, and then there is the sky! Sunrise, sunset, mid-day clouds moving through the sky. Rainbows after thundershowers.

No matter what brought you here or how long you plan to stay…there will be moments that take your breath away! Check below to see Harpswell, Maine real estate listings.

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