You only get once chance to make a good first impression!

When you put your house on the market, the first thing buyers usually do is drive by to see if it is something they even want to look at. Is your home giving a great first impression? Is it inviting them to see the inside? Read on for great tips on how to get boost your curb appeal and set the stage for a successful sale.

1. Painting: Has it been several years since you painted the outside of the house? Do you have cracking or peeling paint on the siding or trim? If so, PAINT IT. Give your front door a pop of color to make your formal entrance more inviting. The last thing buyers want to do when they buy a house is start painting it. They want a house that is ready for them.

2. Roof: Are your shingles in good shape or are they curling and really showing their age? A roof that looks like it needs to be replaced will be a turn off to buyers as they drive by. They will be thinking….what else needs to be repaired at this house? Are there other maintenance issues? There are many great roofing contractors in this area. If you need a suggestion, let us know.

3. Front Walk Way: If you have a stone, brick, gravel or paved walkway to the front door; make sure it is clear of overgrown bushes, weeds or fall hazards. It is best to bring buyers through the formal front entry to give them the best impression of the house.

4. Shrubs/Perennials: If you have bushes or plants on either side of your front entry, make sure they are trimmed back and not overgrown. Large plants should be kept away from the siding and foundation to prevent the risk of holding moisture against the house. If you do not have plantings near the front door or walkway, consider planting some. A few perennials will go a long way to boosting your curb appeal.

5. Lawn: Make sure your lawn is mowed on a regular basis; you never know when a buyer will drive by.

6. Gardens: If you have flower or vegetable gardens, keep them weeded and add mulch or soil to give them a fresh look.

7. Driveway: If you have extra vehicles or trailers in your driveway or yard, move them into storage or under cover. Any clutter should be removed from the yard and driveway to give the best impression.

Some of these items may seem expensive, but if you do not do them, it is likely that you will end up with a less than favorable offer or have to reduce your price to sell. Get them done now, before the photos are taken and before the property goes on the market. If you show the buyer that you care about the maintenance of your home, it will make them want to see more of it!

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