Before the internet was so mainstream ,a buyer’s first impression of a home was either from a newspaper ad or else when they drove up to see the house for the first time. In today’s connected economy, a prospective buyer can review multiple homes from the comfort of their own home.  This is often the first filter process they will  use to edit the list of homes they will want to see.

It is for this reason that properly taken photographs are more important than ever.  It is not good enough to simply have an exterior shot and a few of the interior.  People want to see as much as possible before they contact their agent and schedule a viewing.

When taking photos of your home it is important to use someone with experience photographing homes. It is important that the home’s features are photographed in the best possible way.  Good lighting and the best angle for the shot are very important.  It is important to take photos of the room from multiple angles. The ideal time to take interior shots is when optimal natural light is coming through the windows.


Your home should be clean and tidy for the photo shoot. Just as you prepare for an open house, you should prepare your home for photos in the same way.  Remove any clutter and toys from the areas that are going to be photographed.

Creating a first impression can mean the difference between selling your home fast and having it sit for months.  This is why sellers should spend as much time on the photos as they do on staging a home for an open house. Your agent will have suggestions on the best features of the home to highlight.

It is common for potential buyers to go home after viewing your home and look at it again online.  This allows them to see the floor plan in their mind while knowing how the home flows from one room to the other.  Well-taken high quality images of your home will help them see it in their mind just like they did when they saw it in person. Photos can make the difference when it comes to convincing a buyer that your home is the right choice for them.