Closet space has become a very important selling feature to home buyers everywhere. There are many features home buyers are now focusing on. While you can’t exactly always alter the amount of closet space you have, you can use it to sell your home.

Many older homes aren’t equipped with a lot of storage space. This has often been negated by the purchase of storage cabinets and portable closets. Newer homes, on the other hand, are often full of storage options. Everything from multiple closets in master bedrooms to large walk-in closets can be found.

The key to using your closet space as a selling point is showing it off properly. Begin by cleaning out your closets. Place all boxes on shelves and clothing on racks. Avoid having too many clothes hanging in each closet as this can make it appear more cluttered. Make sure the floor is clear. The less clutter you have in your closets, the easier it will be for potential home buyers to picture how they would use the space.

Renovate if possible. You can easily turn two side-by-side closets into one large one by knocking out the wall in between. This will make it possible for you to add shelves and racks for more storage space and organization.

Built-in shoe racks also make organizing a closet easier. Closets that have them may entice home buyers who will see this as one less thing to worry about upon moving in to their new home. Adding built-in shoe racks is quick and easy.

Put up shelves along the sides of the closet. If your closets are relatively small, choose shelves that won’t take up a lot of room and place them along either the right or left wall. If the closet is a larger walk-in type, consider placing clothing racks on two sides and leaving the back wall open for shelves or perhaps even drawers. These built-ins will be quite popular because they present more organization options.

Some home owners have even decided to turn a small fourth bedroom into a very large walk-in closet to make their homes more desirable. This shows how important closet space has become to the home buyers of today.

If your home has a large closet in a family room or hallway, it may also sell more quickly. While attics are popular choices for storing items, they are often difficult to get to quickly and are, therefore, reserved for only those items that aren’t used often.

Many modern bathrooms are also equipped with Linen closets and medicine cabinets. Again, these provide yet more storage space. Having your closets well organized will ensure that they show well.

Finding ways to market your closet space will help you sell your home more quickly. Go through each closet in your home to determine how you might use it when prospective buyers come calling.