Making the final choice for your new home can be difficult. How do you compare the final two to ensure you have no regrets?

While going through the process of buying a home, looking at many, eliminating some and falling in love with parts of others, more than likely involved your emotions, using the rational part of your brain for the final decision is key to ensuring long term satisfaction. A well thought out decision will deliver the best results.

While reviewing the features and character of each house may be helpful, this is only part of the process. Consider how you and those living with you would like to live in your new home. Create a list of priorities for each person.  Consider all your current circumstances when going through this process.  You may have little time to make this decision so you will need to compare the two houses quickly. This would be a good reason to be very clear on your priorities and how you would like to live in your new home.

Not only are the features of the house and property important, also consider the outside factors when making your choice. Is public transportation important to you. Would you like to be able to walk to various places. How important is your travel time to your place of employment?

What it all comes down to is what you are willing to do or what is most convenient for your specific set of circumstances.

Making a list of everyone’s needs in the household and comparing each of the two houses against that list will help ensure that you feel good about your final decision. Being impulsive may not net the most positive results.  You will be living in your new home for some time– so carefully consider all your options.