With spring finally here in Maine , it is definitely time to start preparing your home for the warmer months ahead of us. This should include taking on any of the projects that you have been putting off until warmer weather arrived. Review the list of projects that you were putting off all winter and prioritize and tackle the most important.

If you are planning on putting your home on the market during the coming seasons, these tasks are even more important.

As a home owner, there are a few regularly performed spring tasks. Spring cleaning is a task that we are all familiar with. Some of the projects that are included indoors include:

  • moving furniture and getting to those areas that have not been touched all winter long.
  • giving the wood stove, pellet stove, and fireplaces a good cleaning out
  • having the chimney cleaned and inspected.
  • taking down & cleaning  drapes or curtains and cleaning the windows while they are bare.
  • cleaning behind appliances, cleaning out the dryer vent

Before the weather turns unbearably hot and you need to start running the air cooling system of your home, you should inspect and prepare your system to ensure that it is ready to properly cool your home.  You should change any filters,  inspect the hose connections looking for leaks and ensure that your drain pans are in proper working order.

Spring cleaning is not only a task that should be performed inside your home, there are also some things that you can do on the exterior of your home.  When spring arrives you should take a walk around the exterior of your home looking for things that you should take care of now that the weather is warmer.  During this inspection process you should:

  • look for any damage to your roof, siding and foundation.  During winter the snow, ice and colder temperatures can all impact the exterior of your home.
  • thoroughly clean your deck and patio to notice if any damage has occurred.
  • do the rain gutters on the house need to be cleaned?
  • check out the flower beds, trees and shrubs… Is mulch, pruning or weeding  as needed?
  • review the yard… what condition is the grass in?

Once you have made a list of repairs that need to be taken care of, you will be able to schedule and take care of these tasks before the heat of summer arrives.