Waterfront Fact Sheet

Waterfront type in this area is very Property Specific since we have so many miles of varied coastline and many coves that have both deep and tidal frontage.

We have Deep and Tidal Ocean Front as well as several Brackish Rivers with easy ocean access.

*All the water bodies in this area (excluding lakes/ponds) are considered to be Tidal since the level of the water varies with the changing tide however; there are areas that change more than others based on the depth of ocean floor. The average change is 9 feet but can range from 8-12 feet and takes about 6 hours to get from low to high.


What is  DEEP WATER?

Our Deep Water Definition = where you can keep a boat at your own dock in the water/floating at all times. This can vary from a low of 1-2’ of water at low tide and up from there.

Benefits of Deep Water Frontage:

  • You can access your boat in front of your property at any point during the tide cycle, either on the dock or on a mooring.
  • You will see a shift in the tide creating varied shoreline
  • You will always see the water directly in front of your property (No Mud Flats)
  • You can fish from your dock.
  • Seals, Eagles and Osprey are often sighted on the water
  • Depending on the depth, you can moor a large boat in the deepest part of the bay/cove.


Our Tidal Water Definition = There is no water in front of the house at low tide. If your boat is at your dock, it will rest in the mud at low tide. You are not able to access the water during all tides.  You may not be able to have a dock since the tide drains out too far from shore. The non-boat access of the water can range from 1 hour to 3 hours. This really depends on how far up in a cove the property is located and how big of a boat you have.

Benefits of Tidal Water Frontage:

  • You will see a significant shift in the tide based on the shallow level of the sea floor.
  • The view is constantly changing.
  • The lower tide is inviting to many bird and wildlife species.
  • Often you have good fishing and clamming opportunities.
  • Good opportunities for small boating such as Kayaks and Canoes
  • You may be able to moor a boat in the deeper water of the cove/bay.