Here at The Morton Group, our goal is to secure the highest possible price for our seller’s properties in the shortest amount of time. Selling a home is already stressful enough. Having it sit on the market for months only adds to that stress. As your Midcoast Maine real estate agency, we are committed to personalized service for those looking to sell property in Maine and you can count on us to work with your best interests in mind.

We know how important it is to get a good price for your home, so we’re offering up some tips and tricks to help you make your home desirable to buyers. Keep reading to learn more!

Clean everything before a showing.

If your home is dingy and grimy, buyers are going to see it as a “fixer-upper” rather than a move-in ready home. Deep clean every corner of your home from the basement to the attic. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, hiring a professional cleaning crew is well worth the investment.

Clear out the clutter.

Buyers are looking for storage opportunities in their Maine real estate. A lot of Maine homes for sale are on the smaller side, as is common in historic areas. If you have clothes spilling out of the closets and your shelves are packed to the max, it’s going to make your home look even smaller. Take some time to clear out any non-essentials and move them to a storage unit during the selling process.

Maximize light in your home.

The lighter and brighter you can make your home, the nicer it will look to buyers. If you have heavy curtains, swap them out with some sheer white curtains and open up the blinds. Show off that beautiful Maine landscape buyers love so much! You can also make the space brighter by strategically positioning mirrors around the home that will reflect light, installing bulbs with a higher wattage, and replacing heavy lampshades.

Ready to sell your home? Let us help!

Price your home right.

This is the hardest part for homeowners. As your local realtors, we know that listing your home for less than you want to sell it for is scary, but it is a common real estate practice that often results in a bidding war that gets you to where you want to be. At the end of the day, you don’t have to accept an offer that you aren’t happy with, but if your home is overpriced, buyers won’t even come through the door.

Invest in professional staging.

Professional staging is one of the best ways to get top dollar for your home. Have you ever watched a home improvement show on HGTV and were blown away by the final result? It’s all staging! Professional home stagers spend their lives keeping up to date with the latest trends and know what homeowners are looking for. They’re going to be the ones who can turn your home into something you would see on TV or in a magazine.

Boost curb appeal.

Giving your buyers a great first impression of your home makes sure that they already love the house before they even step inside of it. If a buyer sees an overgrown lawn, chipping paint, and has to fight through a jungle of bushes just to reach your front door, they’re going to be thinking, “Well, that’s something we’ll have to take care of. What other work does this house need?”

Put the pets away.

Not everyone loves your furry (or feathery or scaly) friends as much as you do. If you happen to have an interested buyer walk in who isn’t an animal lover and they see dog fur all over the floor or can smell the hamster cage in your kid’s room, they might turn around and walk out. Make sure to leave no trace that you have pets in the home. During showings, ask your friends or neighbors if you can keep your animals at their house for a couple of hours.

Work With A Local Realtor

Real estate agencies like ours are experts in the local real estate market and know how to market your home for top dollar. When working with a local realtor in Brunswick or the surrounding areas, you will have expert advice and a team who will work tirelessly to help you to sell your home for the price you want and within your desired time frame.

Get in touch with our Brunswick realtors today to learn more about selling your Midcoast Maine home!