With summer just around the corner, homeowners are already planning events they will be hosting in their backyard. The backyard is a great place to celebrate a birthday, graduation or other events.

Hosting an outdoor event might seem like a scary proposition for any planner. There are just so many variables with outdoor events. But you are willing to overlook this because your gatherings are always fun and memorable. But you need to make sure you are well-prepared for anything that might happen.

William Raveis Real Estate, your real estate agency serving Bath, offers tips to holding an outdoor event in your backyard.

Plan for Rain

We don’t care what the weatherman has to say, you need to plan for rain. You should just assume that it will pour like dogs and cats on the day of your event. So make sure you have a backup plan.

Your backup plan might be as simple as just holding the event inside your home. However, if this isn’t possible you need to have something in mind. For example, you could rent a tent and have it set up just in case.

Check Ordinances

It is important that you know what is allowed and what isn’t allowed when throwing an outdoor event. You don’t want the police to show up because you hired a band that was playing too loudly.

You might also want to talk with your neighbors and let them know what is going on. You don’t want to tarnish a good relationship over a noisy event.

Natural Elements in the Decor

Outdoor events are the perfect opportunity to use LED lights in the trees and shrubs in your backyard. You can also decorate your event area with fresh flowers and other natural elements.

Comfortable Guests

Even if the weather is perfect on the day of your event, conditions can still make guests uncomfortable. Make sure that you have plenty of shelter from the sun. Not everybody enjoys standing for long periods of time in the blazing hot sun.

Some people might get a little overheated spending time outdoors in the summer, so you should have fans, a water mist or other means to keep your guests cool. It is also important to provide your guests with plenty of water to keep them well-hydrated.


You really don’t want to make any mistakes here. A lack of restroom facilities will ruin your event.

The bathrooms in your house might not be sufficient for a large crowd. It makes sense to rent a few portable bathrooms for your event. This way, your guests have easy access to the facilities.

Pest Control

It’s summer and you are serving food outside, there is a pretty good chance there will be pests flying and crawling about. In addition to tiki torches, there are several ways you can keep pests at bay including repelling coils and smoke bombs. Bug zappers are great because they are so entertaining.

If you are interested in becoming a homeowner so you can host summer events, give William Raveis Real Estate a call.