1. Your Real Estate Agency in Bath and Outdoor Events

    With summer just around the corner, homeowners are already planning events they will be hosting in their backyard. The backyard is a great place to celebrate a birthday, graduation or other events. Hosting an outdoor event might seem like a scary proposition for any planner. There are just so many v…Read More

  2. Your Real Estate Agent in Bath and Spring Maintenance

    After a long and dark winter, you will probably be welcoming spring like a breath of fresh air. But there is a downside. The longer days and sunshine spotlight all of the flaws around your house. There are dead plants in your yard, your gutters are full of debris and you have dirty and possibly dama…Read More

  3. Your Real Estate Agency in Bath and Frozen Pipes

    It is only a matter of time until another artic blast freezes up the area. Weather systems like this bring bitter cold and wind chills which could break record low temperatures. Are you prepared to prevent frozen pipes in the event of an arctic blast? Right now is the time to take preventative measu…Read More

  4. Your Real Estate Agency in Bath and Remodeling Your Kitchen

    In many households, the kitchen is the center of the home and the hub of activity. The kitchen is indeed the heart of most homes. But what if you hate your kitchen? Well, hate is a pretty strong word — but there must be aspects of your kitchen that don't appeal to you anymore. For example, you mig…Read More

  5. Your Real Estate Agent in Bath and Curb Appeal

    First impressions are everything, especially when you are trying to sell your home. You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. As such, you will want to ensure your home has excellent curb appeal. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 60% of curious homebuyers…Read More

  6. Your Real Estate Agency in Bath and Winterizing Your Home

    It all seems to happen in the blink of an eye. It seems like only yesterday that you were wearing shorts and flip flops and figuring out the best way to keep cool. First, the kids went back to school, then the days got considerably shorter and now it’s freezing outside and snowing in many parts of…Read More

  7. Your Real Estate Agency and Fall Maintenance

    Are you aware of what is going on around you right now? Stop for a moment and soak it all up. The days are slowly getting shorter, the temperatures have been dropping and there is a subtle crispness in the air. That’s right, fall will soon be upon us, are you prepared? If you have been a long-time…Read More

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    Your Real Estate Agency and Renting

    Still renting? Well, you must have a good reason for doing so. Although we aren’t quite sure what it is. With renting rates continuing to rise across the nation and interest rates at historic lows, it makes total sense to take that leap into homeownership. Of course, maybe you enjoy renting or per…Read More

  9. Your Real Estate Agent in Bath and House Buying Myths

    Buying a home is too expensive. Now is not a good time to buy a house. You need a lot of money to put on a down payment to buy a house. These are not voices in your head discouraging you from buying a home These are words you hear from friends and colleagues at work when you discuss your desire to b…Read More